Mundo Sin Fin - Overview

Dra. Elizabet Villalobos-LaBeija has money, enemies, poison and power. This story will not end well.

Andres and Elizabet Villalobos-LaBeija are one of New Orleans' most respected and reveered couples and business owners. 

Andres, the owner of a  boutique hotel in the famed French Quarter and Elizabet, a doctor and Administrator of St. Eve's Hospital in Uptown New Orleans, relish their positions at the top of a short list of successful Hispanic power couples that call the Big Easy home.

For those observing the Villalobos-LaBeija's atop their comfortable perch, they see Andres, Elizabet and their sons enjoying a nglamorous life of  charity events at Andres' hotel, The deLujo, luxury cars, private school educations, glamorous parties, Mardi Gras balls and vacations to Mexico that last anywhere from a few days to several months. 

Although they are from two seperate backgrounds - Elizabet the daughter of one of Mexico's most successful businessmen and Andres, the son of a servant - their relationship appears to be built on love, respect, a sincere dedication to each other and a good God-fearing family...

To those on the outside, the Villalobos-LaBeija family has it all... 

The only child of Don Ibrahim LaBeija, owner   of several national businesses and the leader of an illegal cartel group known as T.P.D., Elizabet was the victim of a kidnapping and an attempted Femicide when she was in her teens. That incident left her scarred  physically and mentally causing her to be diagnosed with life-altering mental conditions.

Despite the brutal attack, Elizabet was determined to change the direction of her life and to help others, which inspired her to go to medical school and become a doctor, with her focus on medicine for women and children...  

But alas... Elizabet's mental condition and controlling it is a regular part of her life. I t is because of this illness that Elizabet struggles daily to control the "uncontrollable" causing strife and drama in her relationships.  

Andres' serial adulterous behavior, oldest son Sebastian's intense drug addiction, middle son Dante's interest and practicing of a non-Christian religion and youngest son JoseMaria's  homosexual relationship with Bobby, an African American man that Elizabet would rather see dead before accepting him as a member of her family.  

Unfortunately for many people involved in this story, Elizabet is  familiar and extremely comfortable with death and its permanent consequences... 

Mundo Sin Fin - Opening #1

Below are two of the opening themes to "Mundo Sin Fin" (World Without End) written by Nathan Postell IV under the pen name Nicolas Coatza (pronounced  kwät-zäh) . It is my goal that once the final editing of the screenplay is complete, to begin shopping the novela to production companies such as Tyler Perry Productions and Grupo Televisa, a Mexican mass media company and the largest media organization in Latin America. (Go big or go home, right?)

Mundo Sin Fin - Opening #2